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Projects – photographs being an intentional part of a larger whole


plants, from a different perspective in a discreet light and in the shadows machine the garden is still alive music of silence


Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden I moved to the Lemon Rock, to hunt for the sun and look for the signs of life …     Now, I’m back…


“patrz“ has almost same phonetics as “patch“ -> [ˈpaṭʃ] and its meaning in polish is “look !“(in the imperative) “work“ is something you are to do about “patchwork“…

Split a Piece of Wood, Lift the Stone

Split a Piece of Wood, Lift the Stone Kingdoms, species, families or groups – have no purpose. They are vital and determined. We are an inner part of…

zone landscape


Investment Zone of Niepołomice, Poland. The landscape is changing. Rural one turns into industrial. Fields give way to factories. The region is thriving. Nevertheless, the changes raise many…

Light Template


Deprived of their actual function, objects are put in opposition to themselves. By fragmentation, manipulating the surface, shape and spatial form, with the help of composition, new conditions…

House of Light

The House of Light is an old barn which today serves as lumber room. On cold nights, you can hear marauding martens, and as the sun sets it…