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Black And White

today the lack of color as a conscious choice introduces black and white and monochrome photography into a world closer to abstraction than reality


plants, from a different perspective in a discreet light and in the shadows machine the garden is still alive music of silence


Abstract / Concrete

Abstract or concrete object – which one is entitled to real existence … (?) Here are some mobile photos collected under the above sentence that promote the answer:…


“patrz“ has almost same phonetics as “patch“ -> [ˈpaṭʃ] and its meaning in polish is “look !“(in the imperative) “work“ is something you are to do about “patchwork“…

Split a Piece of Wood, Lift the Stone

Split a Piece of Wood, Lift the Stone Kingdoms, species, families or groups – have no purpose. They are vital and determined. We are an inner part of…

Landscape Outlined in Black & White

There is something in the landscape that makes me calm. And then it is not about the color or the place from which the view unfolds. Because it…